Corley Made It Vinyl Drum & Loop Kit


Vinyl Molodies (23)
FX (13)
Drum Loops (9)
Drum Samples (81)
Vocal Samples (19)
Bonus Samples (15)
Ableton Live Project File (1)


After painstakingly going through several old school vinyl records, my boy Corley Made It has got a special kit for all of you hip-hop  heads out there. I’ve been to the shop where this man gets his vinyls and hat shop is the dopest. What you have here is an eclectic composition of some fresh drums that you’ve never heard before, plus some really cool samples taken from the records themselves.

Due to copyright concerns, we can’t release the names of the albums, but just know that there’s no harm in making some sick music from this kit. This kit is like no other kit on the market and it is only available from Maskerade Beats. This kit has over 176 individual samples for your library!

Boom Bap till your heart’s content. This is the ultimate boom bap beat making kit. All of the drums and samples were personally created by music producer Corley Made It. Corley has produced records for artists like E40, Kottonmouth Kings, San Diego Charges and more. Also as a bonus, I’m including the first beat I ever made with the kit and I’ll be doing more tutorials on it for sure!