How to Make R&B Tutorial Kit Vol 1



Experience how to make R&B beats, Maskerade style. Get 14 minutes of instructional video plus all of the samples and VST information used in this session.

Ableton Live Project File (1)
Drum Samples (6)
Instrument Wav Files (14)
Midi Files (7)
Step by Step Tutorial Video (14 minutes)


Here’s a quick tutorial on How to Make R&B Trap Soul type instrumentals on Ableton Live. The tutorial first goes over creating a new melody and then adding to that melody until you have a track that you like. Then you just build from there.

It doesn’t matter what DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you use, as long as you understand the anatomy of making an instrumental beat. In hip-hop and r&b the most popular DAW by far is FL Studio. I just happen to like the work flow of Ableton Live much better. Rather than use NI Maschine Software that comes with Maschine Studio to create my beats, I use it as a fully functional controller for Albeton Live 9.

When I start making R&B, I always look for inspiration. Sometimes I have an idea in my head, like the guitar, or I might scroll through a bunch of samples and loops until I find something that catches my attention. Then I create a simple rhythm around the inspiration. From there all you have to do is just layer more instruments, keeping in mind that you want it to be smooth and melodic. Always remember to keep all of your instruments in the correct key signature. Once I’m happy with my instruments on the beat, I finish adding in the rest of the drums and a few effects for transitions and added touch.

When the beat is finished, all that is left is to create the sections of your beat. The most common song structure is intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge/break, and last chours. After that, it’s time to create a song. See you on the next video!


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