For allowing me to make beats and sing hooks for you for over 12 cool years! I have had the good fortune of meeting some really dope producers, artists, friends and family on my journey of Maskerade Beats & Hooks from all over the world. And I KNOW I’m at least one of the OG’s of the hook game online!!

I am very lucky and happy to have made lots of music for the independent and online music community. This beat game has been near and dear to me for a long time. Unfortunately, Maskerade Beats & Hooks is no longer a part of my future with music. I’ll be keeping this website live for the foreseeable future, but I will no longer be uploading new beats.

So thank you again, to all of the artists who have done business with me in the past. I’ll be seeing you around the music game for sure. May your journeys be full of good vibes and dank weed! I see bright things for us all 😀


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